Undermining of American Democracy:  The Powell Doctrine and Corporate Power Without Taxes

 Corporations are Not People Read this:  Recently, on the Thom Hartmann Show, Thom recaped his opinion on corporations and the wealthiest Americans.  He emphasizes who really pays taxes in the U.S. and how this is related to actually creating wealth here in the U.S..  It started with a game plan, the Powell Memorandum.  The plan was aggressively taken up by the Chamber of Commerce and other supportive organizations evolved (ALEC and many others).  But it didn’t stop there.  It was also necessary to place key people on the Supreme Court (guess where Powell ended up?).

A few key paragraphs from Thom’s article:

“The top earners in America? The Wall Street executives and vultures?  They don’t make anything – they don’t create wealth – and they actually can increase their profits – but not the wealth of our nation – by gutting a company, slashing employee benefits, and decimating the workforce.

But after 40 years of corporate America infiltrating and subverting our democracy – they’ve grabbed so much power and influence over our politics that they’ve essentially written themselves out of our tax code.

So now – only the little people in America – the doctors, plumbers, servers and small business owners – pay taxes in America.”

Read the short article below and others to get a better picture and hopefully look further to understand why corporations need to be controlled.  See MoveToAmend for a change.

Article from Thom Hartmann Show on June 4 2015




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