Hillary Supports a Great Idea on Voting

 Voting - Respect the right  Read this:  This article from The Nation Magazine, by Ari Berman recaps how Hillary Clinton surprised everyone in her speech yesterday (06-04-15) in Texas.  She called for a national version of what has been done in Oregon and is pending in other states such as CA.  She was talking about voting rights (Voting Rights Amendment or VRA) here in the United States of America (or what we might want to consider another endangered species).

Recently, “nine of 15 states that previously had to submit their voting changes with the federal government before the Supreme Court gutted the VRA have passed new voting restrictions since 2010. The Supreme Court’s decision has had a devastating impact in states like Texas, whose strict voter-ID law was previously blocked under the VRA but is now in effect, leading to many longtime voters being turned away from the polls.”  Do you suppose no one saw that coming?

Here are Hillary’s 3 main points but read the article for more details:

  1. Automatically register voters
  2. Expand early voting
  3. Restore the Voting Rights Act




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