Tiny Plastic Beads That Never Go Away

 News  Read this: It is becoming a full-time job to try to keep from consuming petroleum based products in one form or another.  When I read this I actually said out loud “my toothpaste too”.  Yes, among other places, “microbeads” are manifest in the cosmetic industry, including of all things, our toothpastes.  California is the latest state thinking about changes.  “There are other concerns about ingesting microbeads—both from products like toothpaste and from eating fish containing the plastic bits. The Environmental Working Group notes that the plastics that make up some microbeads are suspected to be hormone disruptors, so ‘eating them at your fish fry would not only lend an unpleasant texture to your beer-battered fish but could also add an unhealthy dose of estrogen-mimicking chemicals’.”



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