Oh the Dreaded “S” Word – Bernie Sanders Gives Some Thoughts on Socialism

 Socialism - sharing
Read this:  This article, from Moyers & Company, recaps an interview with Bernie Sanders (who just entered the Democratic race for the 2016 Presidency).  Here, Bernie does a great job of laying out the real influence “socialism” has had in American politics.  And yes, most of the positive gains we have seen originated with people and groups that were often assaulted with the tag of “socialism”.  Since this is a longer article, I will just say check it out.  Those “S” people and groups ain’t all that bad.  I would say give them control and turn them loose!




  1. #1 by Tom Olson on May 13, 2015 - 12:32 am

    When Bernie wins his first primary I’m buying breakfast Bruce. I’ll dream of his victory to save us from commerce incorporated.

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