Too Often Their Two Eyes $ $ Just Don’t See What It’s Like

 Inequality - Ignorance
Read this:  Inequality abounds in the US and the obscene degrees of inequality are expanding rapidly.  This Daily KOS article, by RationalSouthCarolina, explores some of the ways the wealthy display total ignorance regarding their very privileged position and all that comes with it.  This lack of awareness can often come across like a slap in the face to the poor as the wealthy carry on day to day in oblivion.  Minimum wage workers struggle in every aspect of daily life.  As one worker said “I am happy, usually. I just roll with the poverty thing and I think most people think of me as plucky and strong and wry, which is how I’m getting through this. I do not need to be rescued. I am not alone.”  But it wears on you and she added “I’m tired of the million slights that go along with poverty and how hard it is to meet my basic needs, the degradations and the humiliations that happen every day. And it’s not just me, there are millions of us and we are suffering.”  And finally, she sums it up beautifully “This has to change, this obscene inequality.”


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