Make Voting Easy – Expand Voting Rights

 Voting Rights - Oregon
Sign the petition:  Name someone in congress who suggests expanding voting rights.  Most of us couldn’t.  But, believe it or not there is a push to do just that and at least one state has moved forward with a truly progressive idea about voting rights.  “Oregon passed a bill automatically registering all eligible voters as soon as they get their driver’s license.”  Wait for the backlash, the voting fraud, you may be thinking.  I for one doubt there will be any just like there has been almost no voting fraud to justify the recent rash of voter restricting legislation across the country.  Laws like: “Cutting off early voting in Ohio. Burdensome voter ID laws in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Texas. The list goes on and on!”  Sign the petition and join “Senate Democrats in calling for measures to vastly increase the amount of eligible voters in America, and open the democratic process to all.”

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