It’s The Supreme Court Stupid – That’s You and Me!

 Supreme Court bought and paid for
Read this:  This article from The Daily KOS, by Mark E Andersen, shows where our focus should really be in the 2016 race for the Presidency of the United States.  Talk is already rampant as to the Pros and Cons of this candidate or that candidate.  The Democrats say Hillary is too … or not … enough.  The media is busy making these issues much bigger than they deserve and many issues really have no place in a presidential campaign at all.  But the message is controlled by roughly 4 giant media corporations and unless you spend a little time, to find other sources, that is all you will hear.  But “None of that matters. If she is the nominee, we must support her whether or not we think she is the establishment candidate or the corporate candidate. Why? The U.S. Supreme Court. The next president will likely nominate several Supreme Court justices.”  If the Democratic candidate (assumng Hillary) loses, “the Supreme Court will tilt right for the foreseeable future.”  If the court becomes more conservative the climate is in big trouble, inequality will jump to the next level and “We The People” will continue to shrink as the all important “Corporations” rape and pillage unchecked, writing their own laws and rewarding the powerful.  This is truly something that should not be ignored.  This is the time to put on your Populist hat and do the right thing.




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