Is Desalinization the Answer to the California Drought?

Read this:  A natural thought comes to mind as anyone reads about the drought in places like California, right next to all the Pacific Ocean.  Why don’t they just desalinate sea water?  Seems so simple.  Just like that you may be thinking, PROBLEM SOLVED!  As you probably can guess, it ain’t that easy.  The attached article from FOOD & WATER WATCH, takes a brief look at the Pros and Cons of this possible solution discussing: alternatives, expense, global warming consequences, the role of giant corporations, effects on fisheries and marine environments, risks to human health and possible relationships to environmental and social justice.  Again, it is complicated.  The conclusion from FOOD & WATER WATCH is: “Desalination shouldn’t be used as a quick fix to our water shortage problems. Conservation and recycling programs are usually much less expensive and less risky alternatives to building desalination plants.”

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