They’re back – TPP Isn’t Over Yet.  Still A Threat to the Environment & More

 TPP - Stop it
Sign the petiton:  I know, it never seems to end.  Didn’t I already sign one of these?  You may have.  The problem is that just keep bringing TPP up again.  Republicans, Climate Change deniers and members of congress who owe their existence to the 1% and multinational corporations are bound and determined to get it passed.  For them it will be easy money.  For the rest of us, devastating to the environment and “We The People” as our ability to say “No” to corporations would be seriously compromised.  Recently “leaked TPP drafts and news reports show that the trade agreement would have a big impact on our climate. The TPP would weaken our environmental standards, open the floodgates to more fracking, and empower corporations to attack climate and other policies in secret trade tribunals. And it doesn’t do enough to protect our oceans, fish, trees, and wildlife.”


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