Illegal Water Pumping in California Needs To Be Controlled

 CA Drought
Sign the Petition:  California residents are being asked, as they should, to cut back on their water usage.  The problem is that not all residents (corporations that is) are bound by this.  We know that big agriculture and businesses have not been asked to cut back and the focus has been on the use by citizens, but some of these exceptions just don’t make sense.  “While California is currently in the midst of the worst drought it has ever faced, the multi-national Nestle Corporation is pumping tens of millions of gallons of water a year — on a permit that expired in the 1980s.”  While residents have been asked to cut their usage by 20% corporations like Nestle have no such restrictions placed on them.  “Nestle — the nation’s largest bottled water producer — has been pumping between 50-80 million gallons of water a year from the Sacramento region alone.”  Unbelievable you may be thinking.  “It gets worse: California doesn’t have any laws limiting the amount of water drawn from groundwater. In the Coachella Valley, it’s estimated that Nestle draws 2OO,OOO,OOO gallons of water a year.”   Help California by signing the petition to demand U.S. Forest Service shut down Nestle’s unregulated water pumping. 



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