5 Years Later and BP Suggests Success – It’s Magic or Is It?

 BP - Money
Read this and remember:  Mistakes should have consequences and for most of us little people there usually do.  However, when corporate people (remember corporations now have the constitutional protections of personhood) make mistakes they seem to be able to avoid or define any consequences.  First of all no one ever seems to go to jail and second, their financial consequences quickly become a litigation nightmare that is controlled by the best legal and PR firms money can buy.  One of the best examples of this is the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in June 2010.  If you watch TV you have undoubtedly seen recent commercials by BP that suggest “problem solved” and what a great job BP has done.  Remember, “controlling the message” has been the primary goal since day one and it has been a major piece of the cleanup budget.  The real story may never be known, but it is not what BP commercials tell you.  Click on the link below and read the article about studies in the Gulf.  Watch to see the size of other financial liabilities BP is liable for or somehow avoids.  Above all, remember it and use that knowledge to make sure you vote and support people who value and speak the truth rather than the BP champions rewarded by the mighty lobbies and the dollars they provide.  Also, beware of articles that may look to be from neutral sources but are in fact part of the BP propaganda.



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