A Convention of the States to Overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision – HELP NEEDED!

 Amend the Constitution - History
Sign the petition: Corporate Person-hood is the most effective block there is to an effective Democracy in the United States.  Congress and the Supreme Court are continually enamored by the attention, money and power that is dangled in front of them.  The corresponding conditions are the tools that can be used to circumvent our democratic process and concentrate all real power in the hands of corporations and the 1%.  One avenue that can be used  allows “We The People” to make direct change by amending the constitution.  Difficult you say, Yes.  “Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, we can bypass the U.S. Congress by getting two-thirds of U.S. state legislatures to support a convention to pass a constitutional amendment.”  That means 34 states and Maryland will make it 5 that have signed on.  That leaves 29 to go.  Time to send a message to “state legislatures across the country to act”.  And keep your eyes open for progress and additional support that may be needed.


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