Urge your senators to oppose harmful budget amendments.

 Tax cuts - Don't help
Sign the Petition:  This is one of the ways real and often transparent damage is done in the name of creating a federal budget.  “Literally hundreds of proposals — many of which have nothing to do with funding the government — have been introduced by senators trying to sneak corporate giveaways past their constituents and the media.”  This whole process will seldom make the nightly news.  “This rapid-fire “vote-o-rama” — with senators raising their hands to support gutting consumer protections, undermining the public’s constitutional rights and blocking progress — is more like an auction than a functioning democratic process.”
“Here are a few examples of the regressive ideas:
    • Deregulatory schemes that would obstruct federal agencies from protecting consumers and holding reckless corporations accountable.
    • Policies that would block Environmental Protection Agency pollution controls, stymie penalties for corporate polluters and derail U.S. participation in international agreements to confront climate change.
    • Wall Street-pandering maneuvers to defang and defund hard-won, commonsense reforms designed to prevent future financial crises and predatory rip-offs.
The vote-o-rama’s playlist is exactly the kind of corporate-lobbyist-conceived legislative nonsense we have come to expect since Citizens United-enabled election spending has filled Congress with even more puppets of Big Business.”


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