A Candidate With Some Different Ideas – Not Bad!

 Good Luck
Read this:  OK, this article in The Nation, by Michael Moore, is a bit of a reach and yes lots of people don’t particularly like him (why I have no idea), but he brings up several really desirable policy changes.  Of course, since it is Michael Moore there is always nested sarcasm, but several of his ideas would be great as talking points in all of the 2016 presidential debates.  I would love to see Hillary forced to seriously deal with many of these, and can you imagine seeing the Republican Oligarchy lovers discussing them?  Although this is obviously just an entertaining article it seriously emphasizes the fact that the real issues / policies that could help average Americans and maybe help turn our priorities around are probably not going to be discussed during the upcoming debates and even if mentioned, have little chance of becoming policy.  I would love to see Michael Moore at the table.  Let’s make it a real Progressive event.  How about Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ralph Nader, Robert Redford, Jerry Brown, Dennis Kucinich and others.  BRING IT ON GANG!  While we are at it, let’s change the format of the debates so there can be real discussions and no reiterations of talking points.



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