Free Trade Agreements like TPP Threaten Democratic Decision-making

Read this: This article from The Nation magazine, by Mike Konczal, takes a look at what is really at stake in “Free Trade” agreements like TPP.  We are told by implication and direct statements that these agreements are about “Free Trade”, but instead, they “are about which bureaucrats make decisions about markets that operate between countries.”  They are about something known as “investor-state dispute settlement”.  “Investor-state dispute settlement is a method of private arbitration by which private companies operating in foreign countries can bring lawsuits if that country violates the terms of agreed-upon trade.”  This new type of bureaucracy is essentially a method for large corporations to circumvent democracy by overriding laws and regulations put in place by a country or state.  “These bureaucratic organizations are far more accountable to the interest of corporate investors, and don’t have to balance their interests against those of public health or stability.”


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