People walk by for hours and finally a homeless man is the only one with enough compassion to help.

Watch this: If you have any humanity you will feel both shock and guilt as you watch this.  We all walk by homeless people as they ask for help of one kind or another.  We search for the appropriate justification to justify our inaction and soon forget.  This video shows us an extreme situation, one where people ignored a 12 year old boy, freezing with almost no protection, asking for help on a busy NY sidewalk.  They continued to walk by and no one even spoke to him for over 2 hours.  Eventually a human with compassion stopped and helped.  Problem is they may have walked by him at some time as well, you see he was a fellow homeless person, willing to give the little he had but mainly to help another human being.  Have we sunk so far this is now acceptable.  This video was created by OckTV, known for prankster videos but the message is still very disturbing.



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