Believe it or not Climate Change is moving and frighteningly faster than we thought!

 Global Warming
Read this: This article by NAFEEZ AHMED, on Motherboard, is frightening.  It tells us that recent slowdowns in atmospheric warming have been due to weather cycles but “global warming, as a whole, has not stopped. Far from it. It’s actually sped up, dramatically, as excess heat has absorbed into the oceans.”  Research in 2011 equates this as equivalent to the “energy that would be released by the detonation of two atomic bombs the size dropped on Hiroshima.”  Unbelievable you say, well it gets worse.  ” But as new data came in, the situation has looked worse: over the last 17 years, the rate of warming has doubled to about four bombs per second. In 2013, the rate of warming tripled to become equivalent to 12 Hiroshima bombs every second.”  You have to read this article because there is too much to detail here.  The article ends saying: “What this means, if the UK Met Office is right, is that we probably have five years (likely less) before we witness a supercharged surge of rapid global warming that could last a decade, further destabilizing the climate system in deeply unpredictable ways.”  IT IS PAST TIME TO BECOME ACTIVE ON CLIMATE CHANGE.




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