If corporations are people, can they smile?  Exxon Mobil must be smiling now.

Read this and weep: Law suits get settled all the time for less than the original amount but this is a great example of the ridiculous.  Basically Exxon Mobil Corporation polluted more than 1,500 acres of NJ wetlands.  As the representative of the people of NJ, the State Department of Environmental Protection in 2004 sued for “$8.9 billion in damages”.  Litigation has continued through 4 NJ governors finally going to trial last year.  I bet you’re thinking, now we’ll get some justice.  Nope!  For some reason NJ settled for $250 million.  That’s 2.8% of the original request.  What happened to the tough guy Christie.  Oh, on an “unrelated” bit of news, “Exxon did contribute $500,000 to the Republican Governors Association in May 2014, when Mr. Christie was serving a one-year term as its chairman”.



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