Oil workers need help – Send a letter to oil industry management and government officials supporting safer oil refineries now! 

 Oil Refinery - Safety
Sign the petiton:  This is unreal.  A couple American journalists are murdered and we are immediately ready to spend billions in retaliation.  Yet deaths in the oil refinery process happen regularly and the industry avoids changes and accepts these losses of life.  Where are the billions of dollars in retaliation or maybe a demand for safe conditions and effective regulations.  “Refineries process more than a million gallons of explosive liquids a day under high pressure and temperatures. There are countless examples of times unsafe conditions resulted in disaster for workers and communities. A 2005 explosion at BP Texas City refinery killed 15. A 2010 explosion at Tesoro refinery in Washington killed seven. Another 20 have been killed in refinery accidents since. Please sign.  It is the least we can do.




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