The correlation between state secrecy and the rule of law—as one grows, the other surely shrinks.

 American Exceptionalism
Read this: The idea that secret clandestine intelligence organizations are absolutely necessary is subtly drilled into us so thoroughly most of us give it no thought.  Reading this Nation article by Alfred W. McCoy will hopefully cause you to ask why.  How much are we willing to give up and what does this all cost us both directly and indirectly.  As the articles title so aptly states: “You Must Follow International Law (Unless You’re America) How Washington gave itself a global get-out-of-jail-free card.”  I, for one would like to see the US follow the rules we impose on other nations and become a true leader by example.  Rather, as this article states, it seems “that, in the decades to come, Washington will continue to violate national sovereignty through old-style covert as well as open interventions, even as it insists on rejecting any international conventions that restrain its use of aerospace or cyberspace for unchecked force projection, anywhere, anytime? Extant laws or conventions that in any way check this power will be violated when the sovereign so decides. These are now the unwritten rules of the road for our planet. They represent the real American exceptionalism.”




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