Socialism in America?  Here are 75 ways you probably forgot.

 Socialism - sharing
Read this: You want to kill a political discussion, just mention socialism in America.  Funny thing is it is all around us, and working pretty good when we don’t try to starve it in order to privatize it so some millionaire can reap the benefits at the publics expense.  As this Daily KOS article beautifully points out:
“Socialism is not a bad thing. It is a foundation in this country of ours. Claiming socialism is bad because of radical and non-factual comparisons to Hitler and Stalin is like saying all guns are bad because of the Columbine killers and Jared Loughner.
National socialism and communism are very, very different from Democratic Socialism here in America. I’d explain further but this topic is for another post, this one is long enough. Besides, socialism defeated Hitler.
So let’s just stop the madness and have a serious discussion about socialism and the role it plays in America.




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