Problem: no one, including EDF, knows for certain how much methane the oil and gas industry actually emits.

 Stop Fracking
Read this: In this PBS article Phil McKenna exposes a significant problem related to natural gas extraction.  No one knows how much methane is actually released and if it is higher than estimated, as most experts suggest, then it is as dirty as, if not more dirty than coal extraction.  “The EPA publishes an annual inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas emissions, which it describes as ‘the most comprehensive accounting of total greenhouse gas emissions for all man-made sources in the United States.’ But their estimates for the natural gas industry are, by their own admission, outdated, based on limited data, and likely significantly lower than actual emissions.”  What we are left with is an industry that wants to rush as fast as possible to extract while crying if we suggest slowing down to see what we are doing.




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