Words that kill political discussions: “communism”, “socialism” and now “redistribution”.

My thoughts: I am always amazed when participating in or observing a political discussion or debate at the power of certain words to kill or sidetrack the effort.  “Communism” was all-powerful from the 40’s until about the late 70’s but lost much of its’ clout with the fall of the Soviet Union.  “Socialism” is similar but continues to have confusing and undeserved power today.  But the word that really kills conversations about inequality today is “redistribution”.  Wow, how can we possibly think of “redistributing” the wealth earned by hard-working millionaires and billionaires.  Obviously those with less simply didn’t work as hard.  Blah, blah, blah.  Conversation or debate over!
    I would like to suggest that what we are talking about here is really a second “redistribution”, more like a correction.  The initial “redistribution” took place previously and continues to take place daily.  Different from any “redistribution” that might occur openly and honestly from the floors of congress, these initial “redistributions” are covert, continual, widespread and intentionally mislabeled.  These initial “redistributions” are born in places like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and quietly become law (state and federal) under misleading names and premises.  But don’t be deceived, their primary purpose, that which the wealthy consistently pay for, was and is always to “redistribute” wealth.  In this case however, this initial “redistribution” always flows upward, to the wealthy or the 1%.  Failure to pursue a public, honest discussion about “redistribution”  on the floors of congress ignores this reality and allows the 1% to control the conversation.

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