Worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history in 1959 -Simi Valley – still not cleaned up!

 Nuclear - Radioactive
Watch this: What city comes to mind when you think of major nuclear disasters in the US?  Probably 3-Mile Island, but you would be wrong.  “Simi Valley California was the site of the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history in 1959, and the amounts of radiation leaked to the environment and atomosphere were more than 240 times that of the accident at 3-Mile Island. The area is beautiful today, but what still remains from many decades ago?”  Sad fact is that the cleanup efforts were done incorrectly or maybe just the cheapest way possible.  Of course buildings have been removed (you have to get rid of the evidence first), but “all of the waste, including radioactive material, went to the garbage dump … estimated that hundreds of tons of waste was sent to landfills or recycling centers.”  Meetings are still ongoing on this effort.




  1. #1 by tom olson on January 19, 2015 - 6:05 pm

    My sister worked there around that time. In a relatively cancer free family, she died of liver cancer before age 60.

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