If you are in a mutual fund, like it or not, YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN or at least you fund Republicans!

 Mutual Funds
Read this and weep: This article by Jamie Raskin in The Nation, gives us another reason why Corporate Personhood (and thus a corporations’ right to to give money in elections) has to be our main focus if democracy is to have any chance.  As Raskin did, check out your mutual fund investments.  Odds are you are helping to fund Republican gubernatorial campaigns across the United States.  Bet you didn’t know that and probably are very upset about it too.  Maybe you would feel better knowing that “some big corporations have a ‘bipartisan’ agenda, which simply means they want to buy both parties.”  But not me.  I agree with Raskin: “As an investor, I want none of my money siphoned off for political contributions—to anybody. If I wish to support a candidate, I can write a check of my own.”




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