We all need to become participants in the military actions our government gets us involved in.

My Thoughts: As I think about U.S. wars and global police actions that it gets involved in, two problems keep surfacing: 1) most Americas are not participating in these efforts or even think much about them and 2) when the action is over and there is debt to be dealt with, we somehow quickly discover “austerity” and a need to reduce our programs for those of us with the least voice.  To me, a logical and simple answer for both (I believe an action employed by FDR to some extent during WWII) would be to automatically tax every corporation doing business in the U.S. as well as every individual who does not have immediate family members currently in military service. We would thus be participating.  Obviously fine tuning this would be necessary, but the concept is simple and somehow, I think we would all be paying a lot more attention to what our government (and its’ corporate buddies) decide to do, supposedly for our benefit and in our name.



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