Worthy Actions for 07-10-14

Watch this video: Billionaire CEO Nick Hanauer does a TED talk about who the REAL JOB CREATORS are.

Sign the petition: Elizabeth Warren says support this bill which reverses the Supreme Court’s decision by making it clear that employers cannot deny access to any of the health benefits required by the ACA – not immunizations, not blood transfusions, not HIV treatments, and not birth control – while preserving reasonable accommodations for religiously exempt employers.

Sign the petition: The average taxpayer contributes $2,315 annually to federal government procurement, money which presently supports American jobs and businesses. But if the corporate forces behind the TPP and TAFTA have their way, your money will be lost to firms operating overseas — in countries with varying degrees of respect for workers’ rights, consumer safety and the environment.

Check out this add and support: An Exon add with not so subtle truth – boy will this get some flack.

Sign the petition: America has 5% of the world’s total population, but 25% of the world’s prison population is incarcerated within our borders — the vast majority in prison for nonviolent offenses. That’s not justice.  Our justice system should rehabilitate

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